Month: December 2013

Which Cricketer Are You on a Night Out?

The Raina

You are amazing on some night outs. Every line you drop on those nights are ‘great success’ and you end up being the man of the night. Other nights are quite horrid, you lose your balance and spill your food and drinks on others and people wish you’d just have stayed at home.

The Sachin

You were the undisputed king on night outs. All the birds were yours and you used to single handedly save the lads with your amazing dancing skills. You never stopped receiving praises from everyone around you and you were loved. But now you are getting on a bit and no matter how hard you try you can only manage a couple of drinks. The birds and lads treat you with respect but don’t want to hang around you as much. There are occasional nights when you can just turn on the style but those days are far and few.

The Shreesanth

You’re terrible at night outs and you take money to make others look good.

The Dravid

You always find yourself on every night out and everyone knows you. You have so many night out kings around you and you do more than your fair share to keep up with them or better them, yet you never seek the sort of limelight they get. You are normally the designated driver and people don’t appreciate you as much till you stop going out.

The Ganguly

Lets the other guys do the work and gets his shirt off at the end.

The Zaheer Khan

You don’t go out anymore.

The Dhoni

You reek awesomeness. You tell people where to go, what to drink and what to eat and it always ends up being a night to remember. Even those nights when you don’t feel up for it, you are able to motivate others into making it a memorable evening.

The Ravi Shastri

You’re the guy who goes out every time and doesn’t do anything but talks about it the next day like you were in the middle of the action. You make several mistakes while recounting the stories and no one likes listening to you; but you’re the party leader’s best friend and get invited every time.

The Harbhajan

Spend the entire night arguing with the doormen, the bar staff – anyone official who happens to get in your way. When you’re on form you can’t stop scoring, but droughts are prolific when they occur. Prone to chucking in the towel and just settling at the end.

The Murali Vijay

You want to go out more often but are saddled with the difficulty of length. You’re absolutely brilliant on short night outs but never called for all nighters. When they want to drop you from the group, you end up giving the group an amazing night out, so that you still remain.

So which one are you? Which one are your friends? Are there other types of cricketers you can be on a night out?


Are We Addicted to Smartphones?

“Stop using that phone so phone so much!” “What is there in that phone for you to look at it so much??” “If you spent lesser time on that phone you could win the Nobel Peace Prize”

We hear that all the time. Ok, maybe not the last part, but the others are commonplace in parenting lexicon. We normally dismiss this as misconception due to the generation gap; but what happens when someone of around the same age group complains of the same thing? Ironically my friend had asked me the same thing. She thought mobile phones are very distracting and don’t encourage conversations. Now I’d like to think myself as more contemporary in thinking and someone who likes to be au courant; and naturally I had a different point to what she said. But in the end who was right? Was it me or did I succumb to her point of view?

People do spend the bulk of their time peering over the tiny little object stuck to their hand, if it’s not held against the side of their heads. Infact, a recent study by O2 showed that people spend more time with their phone than they do with their partner, each day. 2 hours of quality time each day goes towards using these smart phones; and texting and talking on the phone are only the 5th and 6th most used functions on the phone. Phones are clearly making waves in disturbing conversation and personal space, which seemed a lot different before. So does that mean we should stop using smart phones? I think not.

Mobile-phones were at-first, and for a long time, considered luxury products that was useful for only a handful of people. The others who held it were considered show offs. However, technology has changed and as it advanced, costs were cut and mobile phones became more accessible to a wider demographic. So much so that today pretty much everyone with any sort of disposable income has a cell-phone. Phones are transcending from being mere gadgets of fancy to one of the most integral and useful tools of mankind. Therefore, it is only natural that the users of these gadgets will evolve to use the same to its fullest potential. It’s also natural that we will have people who resistant to this sort of change or preferred ‘the way things used to be’. But let us analyse this a little bit more rationally.

I’m sure when the original telephone became accessible to people, you’d have had resistance to it where people would have claimed ‘The telephone has stopped people from coming over to the house. The mehman-nawazi has disintegrated as people don’t want to travel’. And over the years, this thought process has not only diminished but has been completely eradicated. Similar issues with technology (internet, chat, cell phones) have cropped up over time and currently we’re faced with that of the smart phone (which seems to have combined all those issues together). What can we do?

Like I said before, the behaviour is evolutionary. We must move with time and not be swept away by the tides of change. We will warm up to this behaviour soon enough and we will adapt. Till then, we can prioritise certain things and give importance to them enough to switch a smart phone on silent or off or atleast temporarily disable data services. I’m sure we’ll be able to enjoy our meetings, family dinners, dates and night outs better with a little bit more patience and little less anxiety.

Thank you
PS: I beat my friend in our little debate. She must be irate reading this 😛