Arsenal vs Aston Villa – A Quick Review in response to the game

Premier League


The initial reaction from the match is that the referee was horrendous and he cost us the match. Id say that is partially right. Its one of the worst refereed games I have ever seen and it might have costed us the game, but even all the other minutes Arsenal had the game, they never really threatened, they never were really incisive(bar two chances to Rosicky). The team has the exact same problem as it did the year before.

There is no incisiveness in attack and there is no transitional play in attack and defense. There is noone who controls the game and dictates the game. This is where Cesc was so crucial to us. He’d slow down the game, quicken it up, unleash a pass that the opposition are not expecting at all. Right now, we just pick up the ball/win the ball and run to their goal. There is no build up play, there is no passing it around and getting a feel of the oppositions movement. Its just run at them. And that tactic works if you are a team like Real Madrid who have the pace, legs and power to do it. Not our team.

It took all about 13 minutes for our squad ‘depth’ to be tested. Gibbs goes off injured to be replaced my Jenkinson. And since then, everytime a player went down we all had our hands clasped firmly over our mouth, praying and hoping they get up. Well, the game has ended and we have 3 players injured; Gibbs, Chamberlain and Sanga. All in the first game of the season. All in positions which we didnt bother to replace. Its just so frustrating to see it happen. 

Coming to this match again, the manager got it the team selection all wrong, imo. The players who should have been substitutes were on the pitch. By no means should have Rosicky and Chamberlain have started. Both are impact players who would have given such a huge boost to the team whenever they would have come on. Unless Podolski and Cazorla were not fit, its definitely a terrible decision. Assuming they are not fit, then Cazorla simply should not have played 45 mins. He looks lazy and disinterested, literally from the moment he came on. This eventually leads to the argument of how the squad is wafer thin.

Nobody else can take the blame for this except the manager. I think the vitriol vented by the fans at the stadium is totally and completely justified! They’re paying those inflated season ticket prices and inflated prices for food/drinks or t-shirts. They travel all the way to the stadium to cheer their team on, only to be represented in the worst possible fashion. Im sorry, but thats unacceptable, and you cant deny them their voice to complain, which is coincidentally ‘boos’.


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