Sympathy For The Devil

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. “


The no. of times I’ve heard similar lines from youth, motivated to make a difference to the nation, in the world of politics, is hardly countable. But the no.of times Ive not seen it happen, is countless.

The world of politics never fails to amuse me. The system set up to embark on the quest of bringing deliverance to the people that elect those who govern it. And then the messiahs use the platform as their own little escalator to quicker riches. Every 5 years, we rinse and repeat the process. The so called stable system is run by largely incompetent, slanderous, two faced, conniving grey-beards. We just see a rotation policy hit the wooden benches of theDelhiparliament every half a decade. The motivated youth get consumed in this well oiled system in place. It’s almost impossible to destablise it, is what it looks like.

Take this for example, 27 year old, well educated; X enters the world of politics to make a difference. Against all odds (which needless to say is extremely high, for various reasons I will not get into) he gets elected to represent the people on the golden stage. So there sits X, the toddler in the world of giants. Picture X sitting there, surrounded by 100 other much older people clad in their dhotis and sarees, who are not new to their location, unlike the young man. Well, can you really see X standing up and making his point across without getting swamped? Can you see X able to state his argument amongst the shouting, table banging and chair throwing, of the people who run the country? What choice does X have? Ill tell you what his choices are :

i)                    Make his point and get beaten up, laughed at or chucked out in the process

ii)                  Sit for 5 years spending precious time at the parliament, wanting to make a point but not doing to avoid the embarrassment or backlash.

iii)                Quit/resign from his elected post

iv)                Join the system

I find it hard to blame them for selecting to the most obvious answer. But in the end, what can we say? We expect the country to be run one way and it’s run another.

This article does not hold solutions to a cancerous problem but merely highlights the problems, for even the people who care; face to make a difference. The truth, in truth, has been driven from this system like a slave, flogged from court to court, wretched and destitute. But I am an optimist and I hate to think all the good is lost forever. Nothing is lost forever, there is only some sort of painful progress. I believe every scam, every incident, every indictment, every CBI raid is one step closer to progress or atleast one step farther from the depths of, proverbial, Mordor.

“Life is good in the system. Its paradise on Earth. That’s what they tell you anyway.”


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