The Man Who Wore a T-Shirt to the Reception

A very good morning Bloggers. As the hype for the date, 11.11.11, ends,  there was nothing special for me. I still experienced a Friday night of overpriced drinks and food at pubs and restaurants, terrible evening traffic, stags only not allowed and ofcourse the night ending at 11 o clock( symbolic eh).


Its been a rather eventful week for me. Ive attended about 5 events of wedding related parties and receptions. And what I realised was that wearing a T-shirt to a reception is some sort of a social taboo. After 4 receptions/cocktail parties of wearing shirts, I decided Ill swing by to the last reception wearing a T-shirt. Good choice, I thought; terrible mistake, I was told. Right from the off, entering the massive marriage hall, people looked on at me like I was the escaped Cheetah from the zoo. Ofcourse, at this point I didnt feel too bothered about it. I thought it was the big wedding gift in my hand. As we proceeded to inside the hall, which was rather empty due to the timing of our arrival, I noticed that the handful of people there were only wearing shirts. My friend with me made it a point to indicate everyone there were wearing shirts but feigned consolation “Its ok, machan. Dont worry”.  As we waited for a 4th friend to join us, who is typically late, people thronged to the stage. Needless to say, all were wearing shirts. Even those 6 year old kids who are forced to come to this type of ceremonies were wearing shirts. I wish the evening ended there but I was yet to experience the worst due to the luck brought by the dreaded T-shirt.


The reception was slowly drawing to a close, Mr.Punctual was drawing late than usual, my friends and I decided to give the gift to the couple without him. We did. As we walked down from stage, he showed up(yes the awesomeness of the t-shirt did it). We were insisted by my friend to climb on stage again and take another photo with the couple. We did. Then we trudged to dinner and were informed the veg food was over less than 2 minutes back(bloody T-Shirt!!).


We were famished and decided to eat out. Punctual suggested we go to Shri Mithai for a dinner since it’d be open to 11(ding ding ding) o clock. We traveled through the labyrinth of Chennai with its latest one way routes and finally arrived at Shri Mithai at around 9.40, only to be unceremoniously ushered outside by the watchman saying its closed. Punct’ was on the verge of getting a punch  from us.  Little did he know it was the power of my T-shirt. We finally settled on having dinner at a place called ‘2 Squared’ , opposite Loyola College. Thankfully it was open and we managed to have some grub before leaving for the night.


I know the advisable thing would be to avoid wearing a t-shirt to a reception again but Im going to sure as hell wear it another to time to see what the hell happens. As long as I dont get hit by a car, I think Im willing to take the risk. My friends and I also learnt its about time we start telling punct’ the timing of the event to be 2 hrs earlier than what it actually is. Hopefully everyone takes this route of action for all the punct’ friends in their groups as well.


An eventful Saturday and Sunday awaits me. Im looking forward to the painting event we have planned today at the NGO, Deepam, I help at. Hopefully I experience enough drama, chaos, confusion and joy to share it here.


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